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Flat Socks.

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FLAT SOCKS - No Slip. No Stink. No Show. No Sacrifice!


  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Throw ‘em in the washer & dryer, just like socks.
  • NO STINK: Go from "funky feet" to "funky fresh" with odor-control tech that keeps feet fresh.
  • NO SLIP & NO SHOW: FLAT SOCKS are just that: flat.
  • NO SACRIFICE: We have you (and your feet) covered, so keep that style you've worked so hard for.
  • NO SWEAT: Never deal with swampy feet again with the moisture-wicking ability of FLAT SOCKS.

Perfect No Show Sock Solution

Traditional socks ruin a great outfit and let us be honest... "no show socks" always show or slip down and become annoying and uncomfortable.

We put those pains to rest with FLAT SOCKS! These fun sock alternatives have a layer of foam for cushy comfort and are trim-to-fit, so they can be used in all your favorite shoes. The best part? You can throw them in the wash as often as you'd like!

Now is the time to FREE your feet!

Better than your boring old pair of socks. You use 'em and treat 'em like regular socks, but with all the added benefits and way less hassle. Just put these sock insoles in and go!

FLAT SOCKS are topless (and well, flat). This means no slipping, rolling, or showing.